In Portland, I found Nike World Headquarters and worked out of their Bo Jackson Wellness Center for a few years. This helped me develop some ties to Track & Field and Surf events, which inspired me to pursue chiropractic as a way to enhance my hands-on and diagnostic skills.

Elite Events:

   Track & Field

A service offered to help optimize performance of Nike's elite athletes during their biggest races of the year.  Therapy is setup near the track, but away from all the hype, in the Nike hospitality area.  I'm honored to have been included over the last decade in the treatment team for various events including the Prefontaine Classic, National Championships, and World Championships. 


    • 2017 Track & Field World Championships, London
    • 2017 National Championships, Sacramento, CA
    • 2016 National Championships, Eugene, OR
    • 2015 World Championships, Beijing
    • 2015 National Championships, Eugene, OR
    • 2013 National Championships, Des Moines, IA
    • 2011-16 Prefontaine Classic, Eugene, OR
    Working elite events in sports I feel a passion for has been a great way to stay inspired, collaborate with great doctors, and learn new things. I’m honored to have been included in the treatment team for these special events.

    Elite Events:  



    US Open of Surf  2013 - 2017


    In July/August of each year the US Open of Surf takes place in Huntington Beach, CA and is an opportunity i'm grateful to be a part of.  The treatment area is set up on site at the beach to allow easy access for the competitors.  Headed by Dr Tim Brown,  an integration of great docs  of multiple disciplines work together treating elite surf athletes with the goal of optimizing performance, sharing ideas, and learning new approaches to treatment..


    Hurley Pro Trestles 2012 - 2017


    A yearly surf event in September, the Hurley Pro at Trestles in San Clemente, CA is an opportunity to collaborate with great docs and provide quality treatment for elite athletes.  This is also an opportunity to get in the water daily and experience firsthand how surfing can create stability or imbalance in certain areas of the body, and apply this knowledge to treatment.  This provides some insight into which training methods are actually improving athleticism, coordination, & function.. 

    The health and wellness field is not an exact science, there are a lot of theories out there and some of them conflict with each other.  Sprinting and Surfing are great activities to put those theories to the test and see which ones actually work, and which ones just sound good in a textbook.  This is an ongoing process and the answers we discover usually lead to more in-depth questions.