An optimal blend of: 

Deep tissue massage, Active Release Technique (ART), and Chiropractic care.

Chris Brindley Deep Tissue Massage and Chiropractic

I have been practicing sports oriented deep tissue massage therapy combined with Active Release Technique (ART) for over 10 years. I am also a graduate of University of Western States with degrees in Chiropractic and Sports Medicine, which has strengthened my skills in anatomy, assessment, and my abilities to get to the root of the problem on more complex issues. However, I am still primarily focused on tissue work as I see great value in this modality.

In my treatments, I strive to make a direct change in the muscle tissue, listening with my hands to find the right depth, pressure, tension, friction, etc to feel a melting, twitching or change in the body’s soft tissues. Listening for this response in the tissue tells me how deep to go on each individual, or in different areas on the same body.

Also, this technique of listening to the patients body minimizes the potential to go deeper than the patient's body is ready to handle, and is less likely to cause tissue damage, lasting soreness or pain. Working with the body’s nervous system, asking it to let go and following is a key concept in my treatments. If an area does not release, either treating the opposing muscle or strengthening/activating are likely to be better options than a relentless crushing style of deep tissue.

massage and chiropractic

This approach makes tissue work more intellectually engaging and is enhanced by a strong foundation of anatomy and biomechanics. Approaching the human body in this manner is more like detective work and allows me to continue learning with each treatment. I'm most excited about working with people that are interested in learning about their own bodies and take an active interest in their own health.

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Jordan Hasay:  

Elite Distance Runner

"I've had the honor of working with Chris for the past several months. Chris is extremely intuitive and I never have to cue him on pressure or tight spots, he knows the body so well! The work I've received from him has helped my legs to recover from many miles of hard training while prepping for the Chicago marathon in October 2018. During this time I've been recovering from a stress fracture in my left foot. Chris has been integral in getting me back to training and helping the muscles and tissues around the injury recover. He also showed me some foot and hip exercises and how to tape my arch. I highly recommend Chris to anyone, whether a serious athlete or a person looking for general bodywork or pain management. Chris has been pleasant, easy to work with, and flexible with scheduling."

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Michael Dunphy:

Pro Surfer

“Chris is the man! I first had the honor to work with him at the US Open of Surfing, and his knowledge of the body was apparent right away. His ability to work with and around all the tight spots through my hamstrings, quads, and hips made a world of difference and was able to get me up to speed and competing better with just a few visits. Anytime we are in the same area, I always make time to work with Chris. Not only a very effective worker, but a humble, awesome guy to be around!”